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Aife is an Irish name and is very popular among the native folks. The meaning of Aife is 'radiant and beautiful' in Irish and is a common yet modish name for females. It is said to have its origin in the Irish Gaelic word, 'Aoibh', which means 'beauty.' In Celtic origin, Aife means a woman of myth and a great warrior. The name symbolizes beauty and honor in oneself. It is a very strong and influential name. It signifies one's life full of ups and downs and hurdles as well as the charms and courage to overcome the hurdles that are beauty in themselves. The name is short, sweet, and simple, soothing to the soul and melodious to the ears. It is an ancient name and has been borne by several legends in Irish, especially from the Ulster Cycle of Myths, borne by a warrior process named Aife. The legend encourages and asks babies to embrace their inner strengths and power. In Hebrew, Aife stands for 'life'. According to Irish mythology, Aife was the sister of Scathach and the daughter of Airdgeimm. According to some, it is also the name of the woman who transformed herself into a crane, and her skin became the 'crane-bag' for Manannán mac Lir as she died. 


Aife is most often associated with the gender: female.

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A-I-F-E , is a 4-letter female given name.

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