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Ailean is a male given name of the old Gaelic origin. The name is derived from the Gaelic word ‘ailin’ meaning little rock’, Hence, the meaning of Ailean is ‘rock’, The name has also been argued to be of Scottish or French origin meaning ‘handsome’, or of German origin, meaning ‘precious’. The English variant of this masculine name is ‘Allan’, while the Scottish variant is ‘Alan’. Of all the variants of Ailean, ‘Alan’ is the most widely given name. Ailean is not on the list of the most famous names because it is not very common. A famous personality with the name is Aileen Quinn, who played the title role in ‘Annie’, a TV musical film in 1982. The British-born Norwegian DJ, Alan Olav Walker, is another famous personality with a variant of the name. Allan Marques Loureiro, of the Brazilian national soccer team, is another individual of prominence.


Ailean is most often associated with the gender: male.

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A-I-L-E-A-N , is a 6-letter male given name.

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