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Ailín is a non-gender-specific name of Irish origin given to boys and girls. The root word for the name is ‘ail’, meaning ‘rock’ or ‘little rock’. However, there is another Irish word, ‘ailin’, meaning ‘handsome’, ‘fair’, or ‘beautiful’. The meaning of Ailín is ‘little rock’, ‘fair’, handsome’, or ‘beautiful’. Ailín has a variant name ‘Alan’, usually given to boys. In Mapudungun, Ailín means ‘clear’ or ‘transparent’. In German, Ailín, as a boy’s name, means ‘precious’. The variant Alan is believed to have been brought to England in the 11th century when the people from Brittany migrated. A group of people called the Alans migrated into Europe between the fourth and fifth centuries and may have brought the name as well. It is believed that individuals named Ailín would be success-oriented, idealistic and creative, inventive, influential, compassionate, tolerant, friendly, spiritual, expressive, helpful, self-sacrificing, altruist, romantic, and devoted. A famous personality is the United States actor Alan Alda.


Ailín is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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A-I-L-I-N , is a 5-letter neutral given name.

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