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The meaning of Ailla is 'beautiful'. It is a beautiful female-given name that originated from the Cornish language of Cornwall and parts of Scotland. In Cornish, it means 'beautiful,' and in Scottish, it means 'strong'. It also has ties to French and Turkish culture. It is a derivative of the French word Ailler meaning 'garlic,' and translates to 'moonlight' in Turkish. The name Ailla is commonly spelled A-I-L-L-A and is pronounced AI-LAH. It is a variant of many popular names such as Ayla, a Scottish name which means 'strong and resilient.' Ailla can also be spelled as Aillah. Some other names that are similar to Ailina are Aila, Ayla, and Aayla. The name Ailla has five characters and two syllables. People named Aija are believed to be creative people who love to share their ideas and thoughts with others. They are enthusiastic about discovering new things and love to share their experiences with others. Ailina is a special name. It is often used as a first name but is seldom used as a last name.  


Ailla is most often associated with the gender: female.

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A-I-L-L-A , is a 5-letter female given name.

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