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The name Alannah is believed to be of American origin, however it draws its meaning from other origins as well. The meaning of Alannah is 'little child'. The name comes from the Irish term 'A leanbh', meaning 'for the child'. The name also has a Gaelic origin where it means 'beauty' and 'serenity'. Other meanings are 'my darling' or 'loved child'. According to an Old German origin, this name can also mean 'precious'. Alannah is a popular name around the world and is traditionally given to baby girls.

Movies & TV featuring Alannah



Alannah Myles: Black Velvet - (1990)
Eileen Alannah - (1921)
Alannah Myles: Bad 4 You - (1997)

Music featuring Alannah




Alannah (tak niewiele chcę)

Locations featuring Alannah

Alannah Lieberman - Missouri Farm Bureau Insurance
Alannah Hill
Alannah Hill
Alannah Close

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