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The name Alasne is beautiful and sophisticated. The meaning of Alasne is 'miracle'. This elegant name originated from Basque. Right from the beginning, Alasne is typically used as a girl name. However, its meaning is such that it can be used for both the genders. Furthermore, it is generally believed that people with the name Alasne are blessed with some special traits such as an analytical mind, a curious attitude towards life, and a never say no spirit. It is also said that these people love learning and engaging in in-depth exploration of the mysteries of life. Hence, they are regarded as best suited for professions such as researcher, teacher, and philosopher. The traditional version of Alasne that is used by the people of Basque is Alazne. A famous personality with this name is Alazne Etxeberria. She is an actor and art director from Spain who is known for 'Ismalia' (2012) and 'Down There' (2015). Besides, Alazne is also the name of a popular Twitch and Instagram star and model from Spain. 


Alasne is most often associated with the gender: female.

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A-L-A-S-N-E , is a 6-letter female given name.

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