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This name reflects victory, glory and strength. Alexander has Greek origins, with its elements ‘alexein’ meaning ‘to defend’, ‘avert’, ‘to ward off’, ‘protect’ and ‘andros’ meaning ‘man’, ‘person’. Thus, the meaning of Alexander is ‘defending man’, ‘defender of his people’, ‘protector of his men’. Paris in Greek mythology is also known as Alexander. He is well remembered for eloping with the queen of Sparta, Helen, which was one of the reasons for the Trojan War. He also killed Achilles by shooting an arrow at his heel. Alexander the Great is regarded as a very successful military commander. With an empire stretching from Greece all the way to India, he had one of the largest empires ever recorded. Other notable Alexanders include the Founding Father of the USA, Sir Alexander Hamilton, and the inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell.

Movies & TV featuring Alexander




Alexander Nevsky - (1938)
Alexander the Great - (1956)
Alexander - (2004)
Fanny and Alexander - (1982)

Music featuring Alexander




Eternal Alexander
Alexander Wang
Young Alexander

Locations featuring Alexander

Alexander City
Alexander Field
Alexander Heights

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