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Alexej is baby name mostly given to boys, and the meaning of Alexej is 'someone who is a protector or defender’. Alexej is a derivative of Alexander, a name that is associated with Kings and bravery. Similarly, Alexej also shares a common background. It originally came from Russia and was mostly used for males. Today, it is much a popular name worldwide. Alexej has common variants like Alexa, Alexis, Alexei, Alexej, and many more. Alexej is very popular in Russia and is associated with straightforwardness and leadership. It is also used in Belarus, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Spain, and many other European countries. Alexej has a biblical background and is considered to be religious by nature. Some characteristics of the name are that they are very imaginative and born leaders, they tend to create a friendly environment around them, they are very optimistic and always stay positive, and they are social butterflies. Also, this particular version of Alexander is seen as an old-fashion name, but it is still very popular worldwide.


Alexej is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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A-L-E-X-E-J , is a 6-letter neutral given name.

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