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Alger is a name that is also used as a surname. The name has an Anglo-Saxon origin. The meaning of Alger is ‘elf spear; noble spearman; clever warrior; noble spear’ and the name is about from the old English name Aelfgar which means elf spear. The name has been popularly used in England for males. People believe that the bearers of the name Alger have a thirst for more knowledge, and they do make great academicians, scientists, and researchers. Apart from it, they are not just self-reliant but are fond of reading and never take a leap back when it comes to sharing their wisdom and leadership. Some notable names related to the name Alger are Alger “Texas” Alexander, the American Blues singer; Alger Hiss, the American diplomat, and the alleged soviet spy; Bruce Alger, the American congressman who was from Texas; Francis Alger, the American mineralogist; Harry Alger, the Canadian politician; Jon Goldworth Alger, the English author, and journalist; William R. Alger, the American Unitarian minister, author and aphorist; Stephen Alger, the tennis player from Britain; and Royce Alger, the American wrestler, and the mixed martial artist.


Alger is most often associated with the gender: male.

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A-L-G-E-R , is a 5-letter male given name.

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