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Allcott is considered to be a baby name mostly given to boys. The origin of this name is Old English. This name can be derived from the word Auldcot, where 'Auld' stands for 'old', and 'Cot' stands for 'cottage' or 'shelter'. So the meaning of Allcott translates to 'old cottage'. According to some sources, this Anglo-Saxon name comes from the name Allicock, and it is a pet form. It is a variation name for Alcot, Walcot, Walcott, and so on. The name can be pronounced as All-cott. This name is also adopted as a unique and distinct surname for some people. As a name, it is one of the uncommon ones. This name is not a very popular one, ranking at the bottom of the popularity charts. According to the numerological value of the name Allcott, it is believed that people named Allcott desire knowledge. They are idealistic analyzers and study things in-depth. They are a family person and act as a protector for their loved ones. Others trust them easily and feel secure with their judgments about anything. Sometimes they can be impulsive in nature.


Allcott is most often associated with the gender: male.

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A-L-L-C-O-T-T , is a 7-letter male given name.

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