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The meaning of Altana is 'gold'. Altana is a marvelous name commonly kept for girl babies. The name describes a person who shines bright like gold or one who is valuable just like the precious stone, gold. Thereby the meaning suggests that a baby girl with this name is precious to their parents. Altana is a common Muslim or Islamic name. It is ideally a feminine name. The meaning suggests that girls are precious and valuable like gold to their parents. This name possesses various unique personalities and traits. Number four is the Pythagorean numerology lucky number for those whose name is Altana. People with this name have good organizing and managing skills. They are said to have great luck and work hard to turn their dream into reality. People whose name starts with the alphabet 'A' are considered to have high self-esteem. The uncommon name Altana makes it unique and one of a kind. It is a perfect pick for baby names and can be considered a very trending name appropriate for baby girls as the name holds various impressive personalities. Some interesting nicknames that can be derived from the name Altana are Altah, Altina, and Alba.


Altana is most often associated with the gender: female.

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A-L-T-A-N-A , is a 6-letter female given name.

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