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Alvario is considered a masculine name that has a Gothic origin. The meaning of Alvario is ‘guardian of all’, which means the protector of humankind. The numerology of this name is six. Some common traits of this name are- they are mature, self-obsessed, and responsible by nature. They practice fair judgment and try to remove biases. They opt for different approaches to even simpler situations. They can become a great leader, and they don’t need any supervision. Because of the true meaning of Alvario, they are often seen as a defender and protector of humanity. Besides that, they are very humorous, affectionate, and care for their loved ones. They are very optimistic and stay positive most of the time. This name has different variations in different regions, and the meaning of the name may or may not differ. Alvario is often used in Italy, Portuguese, Spain, the UK, and many other countries. Its common variants are Alvar, Alveria, Alvaro, Alvernia, alura, and many others. 


Alvario is most often associated with the gender: male.

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A-L-V-A-R-I-O , is a 7-letter male given name.

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