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The meaning of Alyssa is 'noble', according to its English origin. It is a feminine name and a common variant of the names Alicia and Alice. Its variant Alice is an English off-shoot of the old Germanic female name Adalheidis, made up of the words 'adal', meaning 'honorable', and 'heid', meaning 'kind type'. Hence, Alyssa also has the meaning of 'the honorable one'. The name Alyssa is also derived from the Greek word 'alyssum', which has the roots 'a', signifying 'not' and 'against', and 'lyssa', signifying 'franticness, rage, and craziness'. Similarly, the Greek word 'Alyssos' means 'restoring franticness'. The name was most common in the United States in the '70s and '80s. The name is also used in Australia, Canada, and Scotland.

Movies & TV featuring Alyssa




Ronan and Alyssa Are About to Break Up. - (2010)
Mountainous Mams of Alyssa Alps - (1993)
Interview with Alyssa Milano - (2008)
The Ice Capades with Jason Bateman and Alyssa Milano - (1989)

Music featuring Alyssa




Alyssa Lies
Alyssa Lies
Alyssa Interlude

Locations featuring Alyssa

Alyssandria's Lumpia Express
Alyssa's Eyelash
Alyssa's Cakery
Alyssa's Diner

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