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The meaning of Amando is 'worthy of love', according to its Italian origin. Also of Latin origin, the name means 'God's love'. As for its French origin, Amando signifies 'lovable'. Amando is a given masculine name, traditionally used by parents to name a baby boy, and most commonly used in English-speaking and Italian-speaking countries. 

Movies & TV featuring Amando




Los escolares se siguen amando - (2000)
Continuamente amando - (2015)
Cuando el mundo se acabe te seguiré amando - (1998)
Amando a Carolina - (2018)

Music featuring Amando



Te Sigo Amando
Eternamente Amando
Te Amando Calado

Locations featuring Amando

Amandola Villas
Amando's Brothers Mexican & Seafood
Amando Peluquería
Amandos Court

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