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The name Andora is usually considered to be a feminine name and this name is of Old Norse origin. This name can be derived from the Old Norse word 'Arnporr', where 'Arn' stands for 'eagle' and 'porr' stands for 'God, thunder'. The meaning of the name Andora is 'the eagle of God' or 'the strong and powerful eagle as a thunder'. This name is mostly used in Swedish and Norwegian regions. There are many variations names for this name like Antora, Arndora, Arnona, Ando, Andor, etc. This name also has an English origin. In English origin, the meaning of this name is 'strong', 'manly', or 'brave'. This is one of the special names that is loved for sure. In the U.S. this name is placed at 24699 ranks on the popularity chart. The worldwide ranking of this name in 2021 was 16379. These name-holders desire to love and affection.


Andora is most often associated with the gender: male.

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A-N-D-O-R-A , is a 6-letter male given name.

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