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Anoushka is another stunning name, which is commonly used for girls. The meaning of Anoushka is 'grace'. Even though the name has its roots in Russian origin, it was still not much used in Russia and is most prominent in Britain. Furthermore, the name Anoushka has similarities with the name 'Anushka', which is of Hindu origin. Considering the name's prominence, it was widely popular in the United States and managed to grab the 9,818th spot on the list of most prominent girls' names, and it is still managing to grow its popularity. A renowned celebrity named Anoushka is Anoushka Shankar, an established musician whose father is Ravi Shankar, a well-established sitar player. People named Anoushka are known to be competitive and zestful. They may enjoy their time outdoors and engage in sports and other recreational activities. People named Anoushka are believed to be extroverted and full of life. Furthermore, the name Anoushka was given to 16 newborn baby girls in 2021, which means that the name is still struggling to cultivate its significance. 


Anoushka is most often associated with the gender: female.

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A-N-O-U-S-H-K-A , is a 8-letter female given name.

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