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The name Arlin is a very amazing as well as an attractive name that is used for both girls as well as boys. The meaning of Arlin is 'a pledge or an oath'. This is a beautiful name with a deep and important meaning attached to it. It is easy to spell while being equally easy to pronounce as well. The name is pronounced as Aar-lin. The people with this name, as the name already suggests, are ones to keep promises and never break them. They are extremely trustworthy and honest. The name has got a few alternate meanings to it as well. This name is used in several countries. These can be mentioned as Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, and Bangladesh, among many others. However, seeing that this is a Muslim name, it's especially common in Islamic countries. This includes an Irish variant that means 'hare land.' Talking about popularity, this name is very well-known and especially popular in Irish as well as in Arabic countries. Some common names similar to 'Arlin' include 'Aarth', 'Arlo', and 'Arli'.


Arlin is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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A-R-L-I-N , is a 5-letter neutral given name.

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