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"The name Arthea is a name that originates from an Old Norse word, and the meaning of Arthea is 'lofty hill' and follower of Thor'. Now, we all know Thor because of the famous marvel character, but Thor is considered to be a mythological character who is the god of Thunder, sky, and agriculture and is mainly known for being the god of Thunder. The name Arthea is from Iceland and is a little more known and familiar in that region and nearby places. Arthea is a usually preferred girl name as it is poetic but can be used for boys as well, and people with the name Arthea usually follow Christianity as their religion. According to the predictions of Pythagorean numerology, the lucky number for Arthea is number 8, and their core values are often generally power, fearlessness, and compassion. The name is lovely, and besides, it is connected to Thor, which is reason enough for a Marvel fan. 


Arthea is most often associated with the gender: female.

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A-R-T-H-E-A , is a 6-letter female given name.

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