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Audrey is a popular name in many European countries. The name comes from the Anglo-Saxon word 'Aethelthryth', so the meaning of Audrey is ‘noble’ or ‘strength’. This name was later modified into 'Ethelred’. Saint Etheldreda, later called Saint Audrey, is one of the first Audreys' recorded in history. She is known for having founded a double monastery in Ely, which was later reduced to rubble in the Danish invasion. In remembrance of her dedication, the Saint Audrey fair was created, which became popular for the inexpensive lace necklaces created in her memory. This led to the use of the term ‘tawdry'. Shakespeare also helped to popularize by using Audrey as the name of one of his characters in ‘As You Like It’. Audrey Hepburn was a British actress and a film and fashion icon, known for her roles in 'Roman Holiday' and 'My Fair Lady'. Audrey Tautou is another famous actress, from France. She is known for her award-winning roles as Amelie in 'Amelie' and Coco Chanel in 'Coco Before Chanel'.

Movies & TV featuring Audrey




Audrey Rose - (1977)
The Audrey Hepburn Story - (2000)
Audrey Hepburn Remembered - (1993)
Audrey the Trainwreck - (2010)

Music featuring Audrey




Yellow Hearts (feat. Audrey Mika)

Locations featuring Audrey

Audrey Claire
Audrey (ออเดรย์)
Audrey´s Cafe
Audrey Café des Fleurs

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