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The name Audun is an ancient name that originated from Old Norse. It is an awesome name traditionally given to baby boys. The meaning of Audun is 'friend of wealth' in Old Norse. It is also highly believed to be of Scandinavian and Norwegian origin. The Norwegian meaning of Audun is 'wealthy friend', while it means 'deserted' in Scandinavian origin. As an Old Norse name, Audun is pronounced as 'Odin' which is the name of the Norse (Viking) god of war. It is pronounced as 'Owdoon' amongst Scandinavian and Norwegian people. Like few other names, Audun is not popularly given to Americans. It has almost no record in the U.S as it is mostly answered in Northern Europe and England, especially by Norwegians. People who bear the name are believed to be strong, romantic, wealthy, affluent, kind, fearless, intuitive, and loved. As a popular and ancient name in Europe, there are lots of famous people who bear the name among which are; Audun Kleive, a Norwegian drummer, Audun Tron a politician, and Audun Lysbakken a politician. Similarly, there is a character named Audun in the Netflix Movie 'Blasted'. A lot of actors and producers also bear the name Audun.


Audun is most often associated with the gender: male.

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A-U-D-U-N , is a 5-letter male given name.

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