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Probably one of the most sweet-sounding short names for a baby, the meaning of Ava is from the Latin word ‘avis’, which means ‘bird’ or ‘birdlike’. The name Ava also translates to ‘sound’ or ‘voice’ in Persian. The name Ava also refers to a later version of the name Eve, which originates from the Hebrew word ‘Havva’. The Hebrew meaning of Ava means ‘life’ or ‘to breathe’. Eve, being the first woman created by God, was said to have suggested eating the forbidden fruit. Upon eating the fruit, both Adam and Eve were consequently banished from the Garden of Eden. Early mentions of the name Ava date all the way back to the ninth century, where St. Ava was born as the daughter of the mighty Frankish King Pepin of the Aquitaine. It is believed that her blindness was miraculously cured, shortly after which she became a Benedictine nun. Her feast day is celebrated on the 29 April.


Ava is most often associated with the gender: female.

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A-V-A , is a 3-letter female given name.

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