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The name Avry is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is mostly given to boys. Avry is a variant of Avery, used in Old English. The meaning of Avry is 'elf' or 'magical counsel'. The Avry family was prevalent in the USA and Canada from 1840. Most people with the Avry family name came from Pennsylvania in 1840, which was four families. The meaning of Avery is 'ruler of elves'. In the German mythology, elves were magnificent humanoid supernatural creatures. Avry is a municipality in the Sarine district in Switzerland. A famous person named Avry is American basketball player Avry Holmes, who plays for Astros de Jalisco. Other famous people with a variant of the name include Avery Bradley, an American football player, Avery Johnson, an American basketball coach, and Avery Brooks, an American actor. 


Avry is most often associated with the gender: male.

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A-V-R-Y , is a 4-letter male given name.

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