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Ayu is a short and decent name and is also charming. The meaning of Ayu is 'beautiful'. This name can be used for both a boy and a girl. The name Ayu has its roots in Japanese as well. However, its prevalence has been more in Indonesia. 
Furthermore, in Sanskrit origin, Ayu stands for 'man', 'living being'. Regarding its prominence and usage, the name has fallen on the 9595th spot of being the most used. The people named Ayu are considered gentle, guided by their intuition, and imaginative. They are believed to be passionate and driven people and constantly build ideas and stories, making them creative souls. The people named Ayu are most likely to follow creative pursuits. Moreover, do not hesitate to name your baby boy or girl Ayu, as they will grow to be gentle and kind individuals. And as their personality suggests, they will bring a positive change in the lives of people around them with their positive mindset and imagination. So give your special child a special name that can bring a sense of purpose to their life.


Ayu is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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A-Y-U , is a 3-letter neutral given name.

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