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Baojin is a rare choice for a first name. It is more frequently used as a name for both genders, male and female. The meaning of Baojin is 'precious gold'. Most people with the name Baojin are Chinese in origin. People with the last name Baojin tend to be kind and compassionate people who prioritize the needs of others. They value justice and honesty highly and are dependable and responsible. They are creative people who place great value on harmony and aesthetics. Due to their propensity to sacrifice their time and pleasure, they are sometimes underutilized or neglected in their creative abilities. The US Social Security Administration has statistics dating back to November 10, 1926, for the earliest birth under the name Baojin. Less than five persons each year between 1880 and 2020 were given the first name Baojin. The Chinese girl's name Baojin is associated with precious metals. The name Bao-Jin is one of the top 99,533 most popular names. It denotes the rarity of the use of this name. There are at least 200 people with this name worldwide or about 0.001% of the nation. There are seven characters in the name Bao-Jin. It denotes that, in comparison to other names, it is comparatively medium-length. The country where the name Baojin is used most is Brazil, where two persons or one in 107,047,166 has the name. A famous person named Baojin is Chinese racewalker Li Baojin. 


Baojin is most often associated with the gender: female.

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B-A-O-J-I-N , is a 6-letter female given name.

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