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Baram is a common name for boys of Hebrew origin. The meaning of Baram is 'son of the nation', and the pronunciation of this name is 'BARE-em'. Baram is a popular Muslim boy name, and it originated in the Persian language, where it means 'festival celebration'; it has multiple Islamic meanings. Baram is a variation of the Persian name Bahram, which refers to the planet Mars. Baram's name is famous in our name dictionary and has been searched 46231 times. People with this name are cooperative, adaptive, reliable, and peaceful. These words describe them the most; they tend to accept things reluctantly and without protest. People perceive them as someone sympathetic, compassionate, generous, and comfortable with you and count on you for support. People believe that to have their lucky days, color, and number according to their names. Eight is the lucky number for Baram based on numerology value. They are ambitious, confident, practical, and have a great ability to execute plans. Wednesday and Friday are good and lucky days for the name Baram, and the lucky color is green or yellow for Baram name holders. Similar name for Baram is Bahram, Baran, Barren, Barhna, Adamah, and many more. Famous people named Baram are Uzi Baram (former Israeli politician) and Hello Baram (an athlete for the Raufoss IL).


Baram is most often associated with the gender: male.

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B-A-R-A-M , is a 5-letter male given name.

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