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According to its French origin, the meaning of Bastien is ‘revered’. It is a masculine name, also of Latin and Spanish origins, where the name means ‘a person from the city of Sebastia’. Bastien is traditionally pronounced as ‘bass-tian’. Variations of this name include Sebastien and Bastian. The variant name Bastian is associated with Bastian Badu, a French soccer player. A famous person with the name Bastien is Bastien Baker, a Swiss pop and country singer.

Movies & TV featuring Bastien



Les amours de Bastien et Bastienne - (2008)
Le secret de Bastien - (1997)
Panorama van de Ijzer - het werk van schilder Bastien - (1914)
Bastien - (2014)

Music featuring Bastien




Wanna Say Hi (feat. Bastien)
Less Human (feat. Bastien)
To The Moon And Back (feat. Bastien)

Locations featuring Bastien

Bastien Café
Bastien Parquets
Bastien Chiropractic
Bastien Contamine Electricite

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