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The name Batu is a well-known name. The gender-neutral name is said to be of Mongolian origin. However the name is also said to be of Turkish origin. The name Batu is said to be similiar to the Turkish word 'bati'. The term bati means 'west’ and Batu connotes 'the west'. The name Batu is normally preferred by parents for both boys and girls. The meaning of Batu is 'loyal'. The name in Turkish means 'prevailing' or 'preponderant'. The name means 'rock' or 'stone' in the Indonesian (Malay and Bahasa) language. There are some renowned personalities with the name Batu. The famous Mongol ruler who found the Golden Horde was 'Batu Khan'. The well-known Turkish actress and model is Pelin Batu.


Batu is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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Spelling of Batu

B-A-T-U , is a 4-letter neutral given name.

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Kanak (feat. EREN CAN, BATU)

Kanak (feat. EREN CAN, BATU)

Tiba-Tiba Batu

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