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Benedek is one of the most popular names of Hungarian and Latin origin. The name Benedek is usually given to baby boys who are Christian by religion. The meaning of Benedek is 'a blessed one'. The name's pronunciation is a little hard, but this is the perfect way to understand Be-ne-Dek. As per the analysis, the people with the name Benedek are freedom lovers, sensual and enthusiastic. It is believed that they are loyal to their relationships, so others can easily trust them. Their ideas are always unique, creative, and out of the box. They are strong-willed, good decision-makers, and respect others' decisions too. They are grounded and pragmatic and have a great system for getting things done, which is great because their sense of determination is very strong. They are very kind-hearted. They can sacrifice anything to bring happiness and the betterment of their people. Their confidence levels always help them to reach the goals and ambitions of their lives. The name Bebedek is used in different countries, languages, and cultures. Many successful people in this world hold the name, such as David Benedek, an American snowboarder, Dvir Benedek, an Israel actor, Emily Benedek, an American journalist, Jim Benedek, Hungarian soccer player, Ludwig von Benedek, an Australian General and many more. As per the numerology, the lucky number of this name is one, and the ruling planet is Sun. There are several variations of the name Benedek such as Benedet, Benedict, Benedix, and Benedick and they have become very popular worldwide.


Benedek is most often associated with the gender: male.

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B-E-N-E-D-E-K , is a 7-letter male given name.

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