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The meaning of Blue is the colour, which is primarily associated with the colour of the morning and evening sky or the ocean. The colour blue is also symbolic of coolness, calmness, nonchalance, stability and tranquillity. The word is said to have emerged from a Celtic word, which translated as blue. The word Blue has many different spellings around the world; it is 'blau' in German, meaning 'blue' and 'high', 'bleu' in French and 'blauw' in Dutch. The name also got very trendy after Beyonce named her daughter Blue Ivy. The American trumpeter and composer, Blue Mitchell, is also a famous bearer of this name. There is also famous British boyband called Blue, known for their hit singles 'All Rise', 'One Love' and 'Guilty'. The colour blue features in a lot of popular songs, such as 'Blue Ain't Your colour' by Keith Urban, 'Blue Velvet' by Lana Del Ray and 'Blue' by The Neighbourhood.

Movies & TV featuring Blue




Blue Valentine - (2010)
Blue Velvet - (1986)
Deep Blue Sea - (1999)
Into the Blue - (2005)

Music featuring Blue



Blue Star
Blue Christmas
Blue Flame

Locations featuring Blue

Blue Grass Airport (LEX)
Blue Springs
Bluemont Hill
Blue Lakes

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