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The name Bonny is a name usually given to girls. It derives from the Latin word 'bonus', which means 'good'. The meaning of Bonny is 'pretty' or 'beautiful'. The name is quite uncommon, however. According to US records, the name has been used a total of 6434 times from 1880-2018. The name Bonny was at its most popular in the year 1958, and in this year 269 babies were given the name Bonny. The name is associated with beautiful stones such as moonstone, to complement its meaning. Moonstone is a gem that is believed to be a lucky gem for a person named Bonny. The colors yellow, green, and gold, are also believed to be their lucky colors. People also believe that a person named Bonny is likely to become an adviser or a counsellor of some sort. The name Bonny is also used as an abbreviation to describe what type of people they are. The B stands for beauty, the O stands for outlook, the N stands for neat, and the Y stands for youthful. This means that they are perceived to be very beautiful and youthful-looking. They are also people who always have a positive outlook on life, no matter the circumstances. A person named Bonny tends to be always neat and orderly, as well.


Bonny is most often associated with the gender: female.

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B-O-N-N-Y , is a 5-letter female given name.

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