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Boslee is a unique name predominantly used for a boy. This name has its roots in Old English and is also used as an unusual surname with the same origin in Anglo-Saxon. Boslee is a spelling variation of Bosley. In Old English, the meaning of Boslee or Bosley is ‘meadow near the woods’, while when it is used as a surname, it means ‘clearing’ or ‘glade’. Boslee is a local surname of Cheshire near Congleton, a small town in England. This surname derives from the pre-seventh-century Old English personal name Bosa. The name Bosa has its roots in the Germanic name Boso, which has several different meanings like ‘daring’, ‘audacious’, ‘glade’, ‘leah’, ‘thin wood’, and ‘clearing’. Boslee as a surname was first recorded in the Middle English spelling book, ‘Domesday Book’ in 1086 as Boselega and the same book in 1278 as Boseleg’. The common nicknames for this name are Lee, Bosy, and Ley. The name Boslee was used in the American Television series ‘Charlie’s Angles’ which contributed to the rising popularity of this name in the USA.


Boslee is most often associated with the gender: male.

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B-O-S-L-E-E , is a 6-letter male given name.

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