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The name Briony is of Latin origin and the meaning of Briony is 'to germinate' or 'to be abundant'. In Ancient Greek, the name meant 'to grow profusely'. It is a variant of the term Bryony, which is a climbing hedgerow plant or a herbaceous vine, known for their lobe-shaped leaves, belonging to the genus Bryonia. The name is quite popular as it has been often used as a character's name in novels, TV shows and movies, such as Briony Tallis in 'The Atonement' (written by Ian McEwan) and Sister Briony in 'Black Narcissus' (written by Rumer Godden). There are also many famous personalities with the name Briony; Briony Nehets and Briony Williams are both actresses from Australia, whilst Briony Horgan is a scientist, famous for her research into planetary science.

Movies & TV featuring Briony


Teo Briones
Jon Jon Briones
Bryony Afferson
Briony Behets

Music featuring Briony


Hiatus (Feat. Briony)

Locations featuring Briony

Briony Close
Briony Place
Briony Close
Briony Way

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