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Bryar is a beautiful girl baby's name of English origin. The meaning of Bryar is 'thorny bush of wild roses', and the variant of Bryar is Brier. Bryar is an uncommon first name for females and a common surname for adults and children. Even though Bryar is not listed in the top 2000 popular names, its related version 'Bryar" is present within the complete 2000 popular names list. Even in today's digital era, Bryar is one of the famous names to name your baby. Robert Bob Bryar is one of the favorite former drummers for ‘My Chemical Romance’. It is a Christian name, and some of the famous people who were named Bryar are Dick Bryar (1925 - 1968), Gavin Bryars (an English Bassist), Bob Bryar (an American musician), and Claudia Bryar (an actor). 
People named Bryar seem delighted and excited about every little big thing. They can be trustworthy and dependable. These people are often philanthropists and like to help people, especially for a charitable cause.


Bryar is most often associated with the gender: male.

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B-R-Y-A-R , is a 5-letter male given name.

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