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The name Caedmon comes from an Anglo-Saxon origin. The meaning of Caedmon is ‘poet’, or ‘wise warrior’. The name also has a link to Gaelic roots and is most often given to people of the male gender. The name is used as a first name, middle name, and surname. ‘Caedmon’s Song’ is the title of a book written by Peter Robinson. A notable person with the name is Caedmon Holland, an actor in movies like ‘Midnight Screening’ in 2021, Dr. Acid Face’, and ‘Death Rink’ in 2019. Caedmon D. Marquez is an actor that portrayed the Warehouse kid in the movie ‘Run’. Caedmon (Cædmon) is an early English poet, who is regarded as the English poet whose name is known earliest. He is one of the dozen Anglo-Saxon poets who were identified in medieval sources. His notable and only surviving work is 'Cædmon’s Hymn' which was a poem that is written to honor God. There is a coeducational, independent preschool and an elementary school called Caedmon School located in the Upper East section of Manhattan, New York in the United States of America. Caedmon Records is an entirely female-owned company that was co-founded by Barabra Holdridge and Marianne Mantell that stresses gender equality and women’s writings. A book written by Peter Robinson has the title ‘Caedmon’s Song’.


Caedmon is most often associated with the gender: male.

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C-A-E-D-M-O-N , is a 7-letter male given name.

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