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Caen is an English name that has an Old English root. The meaning of Caen is ‘warrior’, ‘a Cup’, or ‘a can’. The name is most often given to persons of the male gender. The name is predominantly used as a surname but is also used as a first name or a middle name. The name has a meaning that is used to infer to persons who lived in a deep valley or a hollow. The name is a derivative and spelling variant of the name Kane. Caen is the name of a commune that is located in the Northwest part of France. Caen is also the third largest of the communes located in Normandy. Stade Malherbe Caen is a name of a professional football club based in Caen, Normandy. Emily Caen is the name of an actress who portrayed the character Ségolène in the movie ‘Serial (bad) Weddings’. Herb Caen was a journalist and humorist from San Francisco who wrote ‘A Continuous Love Letter’ a column that features local occurrences, political events, social happenings, anecdotes, and offbeat puns for a period of six decades. He also has written publications like ‘Herb Caen’s San Francisco’, and ‘Best OF Herb Caen’. Another notable figure was Ralph of Caen, who was an author and the Norman Chaplain. He was the author of the book ‘The Deeds of Tancred in the Crusade’, also known as ‘Gesta Tancredi in expeditione Hierosolymitana’ in the original language it was published. There is a Jurassic era limestone that has a light-creamy color that is quarried in Caen in Northwestern France. It is believed that the rock was formed about 167 million years ago.


Caen is most often associated with the gender: male.

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C-A-E-N , is a 4-letter male given name.

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