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The English origin name Cal is a nickname for names such as Calendar, Kalandra, Calvin, Calhoun, and Callum. The meaning of Cal is 'devotion'. The name also has Hebrew origins where it means 'faithful', 'dog', 'bold'. Some also believe that the name is derived from the French surname Cauvin and that it gained popularity in honor of French protestant, John Calvin. The name is also famous in Northern Ireland as a variant of Cathal. In Spain, it is a topographic name for someone who lives by an area of limestone as 'cal' is from 'lime(stone)'. The name became famous worldwide thanks to a baseball coach and player, Calvin Edwin Ripken Sr. Another famous namesake is musician Cal Tjader who was an American jazz musician. He is known as the most famous non-Latino Latin musician.


Cal is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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C-A-L , is a 3-letter neutral given name.

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