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The name Calbert is typically given to males and originates from English. The meaning of Calvert is ‘Cowboy' or 'Cowherd’. Calbert emanates from the old English occupational name and surname, Calvert. The Normans brought the name Calbert to England when they controlled the isle in 1066. It signifies a person who looked after cattle. For the first time, Calbert was used as the last name in Yorkshire, where Warin le Calvehird was the first person to use it. The name was initially spelled as Calbert or Caubert as it emanated from Abbeville, France. Some of the families from France reached England during the conquest and witnessed David de Calvert maintaining lands through knight service in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire in 1203.
Spelling variations were widespread, even among the names of the most educated individuals. The common variations of Calbert include Culbert, Colbert, Cellvert, Colver, Cailvairt, Kallvart, Colvert, Kelvert, Kalvart, Callbert, Calwert, Cavart,Calwart, Callvert, and Colburn. It is a unique name usually given to males but is quite common as a surname and middle name for adults and children. Some famous people who bear Calbert as their name include Calbert Nathaniel Cheaney (American basketball player) and Brooks Calbert Robinson (American baseball player).


Calbert is most often associated with the gender: male.

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C-A-L-B-E-R-T , is a 7-letter male given name.

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