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Calvert is a name of English origin and is commonly given as a masculine name. The meaning of Calvert is 'cowherd', 'cowboy', 'calf herder', or a person who tended cows', deriving from the Middle English word 'calfhirde'. Occupational surnames initially suggested the actual profession of those who carried the names, and subsequently, became hereditary. Calvert is currently most prevalent in England and Northern Ireland as a surname. It dates back to the mid-13th Century, and the first people who used this surname were William Calvehird (1297) and John Calverde of York (1309). With migration, various spelling variants developed, such as Calverd, Calbert, and Calvard. Warin le Calfhirde was the first to be recorded as the bearer of this family name. The surnames continue to grow, thus usually leading to astonishing alternate forms of the original spelling. With time, some have started using Calvert as the first or middle name. However, Calvert is more common as a surname than a first name. Some notable personalities bearing the name Calvert as first, middle, or surname include Calvert DeForest (an American Actor), Calvert Magruder (Judge of the US Court of Appeals), John Calvert Griffiths (British lawyer and judge), Henry Calvert Simmons (American economist), Albert Frederick Calvert (English author), Benedict Calvert (British nobleman), and Catherine Calvert (American actress).


Calvert is most often associated with the gender: male.

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C-A-L-V-E-R-T , is a 7-letter male given name.

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