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Cap is a masculine name that is rarely used in the present day. The use of Cap originated in the 11th century when it was used as a surname in English families. The meaning of Cap is ‘a chaplain’ or ‘a military captain’. There are several variations to the name that are used in different countries and have different meanings. Tsap is the Ukrainian variation of Cap that means ‘a male goat’, and Čáp is another variation used in the Czech Republic, used as a nickname meaning ‘a tall or long-legged man’. Cap is regarded to be mostly used in American households. Rarely used as a first name, Cap is otherwise a very common nickname. Casper ‘Cap’ Boso was a former American football player. Adrian Constantine 'Cap’ Anson and Charles Andrew ‘Cap’ Peterson were renowned American baseball players. The character of Captain America from the globally famous ‘Avenger’ films is mostly referred to as Cap, by his colleagues in the movie. We know your baby is one of a kind, and Cap could be the perfect name to represent that.


Cap is most often associated with the gender: male.

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C-A-P , is a 3-letter male given name.

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