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Originating from Italy, the meaning of Capri is 'Italian island'. The name originates from the island of Capri in Italy, which is situated off the west coast of Italy, near the south of Naples. The meaning of the name can be traced to the ancient Greeks, where the ancient Greek word 'kapros' means 'wild boar'. The ancient Greeks were the first known colonists of Capri, which was believed to have been inhabited by wild boars, hence the meaning of the name. The name Capri also has roots in the Latin word 'capreae', which means 'goats'. This is believed to have originated from Romans who came to Capri and named it 'goat island'. A third meaning of the name is 'rocky', derived from an Etruscan word. Variants of this name include Hapri, Chpri, Caphi, Caprh, and Capi, among others.


Capri is most often associated with the gender: neutral.

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C-A-P-R-I , is a 5-letter neutral given name.

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Capri c'est fini

Capri c'est fini

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