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Cees is a male name of Dutch origin and the meaning of Cees is ‘Horn’. It is a diminutive/nickname of the name ‘Cornelis’. Cees is not on the top 100 list of baby names in the United States and it is not a common name among male children or adults in contemporary society but its English variation Cornelis is. The alternative spelling ‘Kees’ is more commonly used/heard in the Netherlands. Other spelling variations are Cornel, Cor, and Corné among a few others. The feminine version of the name is Cornelia. A few notable people that bear the name are Cornelis Dirk Andriesse (Cees), who is a Dutch physicist, writer, and historian of science, and Cees Keizer who is a former Dutch professional footballer. He currently serves as a youth coach with FC Volendam. Another notable person is Cees Bol. He is a Dutch cyclist, and he rides for UCI WorldTeam. The name Cees has different spellings and pronunciations in other countries. A few examples are, Cornelio (Spanish), Corneliu (Romania), and Kornel (Polish).


Cees is most often associated with the gender: male.

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C-E-E-S , is a 4-letter male given name.

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