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Cefernia is a female name and has a rich background/history. Its origin can be traced back to Latin, Greece, and Spain. An alternate variation of the name ‘Zephyr’ is of Greek origin and means ‘West Wind’. Cefernia is an uncommon name that is not popular among female adults and children, but the alternate spelling Serefina is commonly used in Spain. The name is from Greek mythology and it’s the name of the Greek god. Other variations(spellings) of the name are Serefina, Zephyrus, Zerafina, Serafina, Cefariana, Safarena, and Saferina among many others. Shortened forms of the name Cefernia are Cefia, Rina, Sera, and Zephia among many others. Names similar to Cefernia are Sabreanah, Savarnia, Savarniya, Severanna, and Severina among many others. The Italian saint Saint Serafina, who lived in the 13 Th century, the English musician Serafina Steer, and the fictitious 'Marvel' comics supervillain Serafina are some notable people who bear or once bore the variation of the name Cefernia.


Cefernia is most often associated with the gender: female.

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C-E-F-E-R-N-I-A , is a 8-letter female given name.

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