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Ceit is primarily a girl’s name. It means ‘pure,’ ‘clear,’ and ‘innocent.’ It has origins in Irish, Gaelic, and Scottish names. It is the short form of names like Catherine, Cathleen, Kate, Cait, Katie, Caitlin, Caitriona, and Katherine. It is a unique name that is not as popular as its other variations. Ceit is predominantly found among people living in Indonesia, Argentina, the United Kingdom, Brazil, France, the United States of America, and Germany. Many people like this name because of the ease that comes with pronouncing the mono-syllabic name. It is often used as a first name by people. People that are named Ceit are most often people that are Christians by religion. The name is often pronounced as KAI-t. People named Ceit are often believed to be compassionate people who like to help others in their time of need including strangers. They are creative people who enjoy originality. They are most likely to be artists, dancers, or writers. They can be described as disciplined, ambitious, and generous people. Some prominent individuals named Ceit include the successful actress Ceit Kearney famous for her roles in ‘The Victim,’ ‘The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Dee,’ and ‘Half Light.’ Ceit Jesmont is also a renowned medical doctor.


Ceit is most often associated with the gender: female.

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C-E-I-T , is a 4-letter female given name.

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