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Chase comes from the Old French word ‘chasse’, from the word ‘chasser’ or ‘chacier’ and the meaning of Chase is ‘to hunt’. Chase can also be understood to come from the Latin word ‘captare’, once again meaning ‘to catch' or 'to hunt'. Therefore the name Chase translates 'the hunter'. The earliest recorded instance of the name Chase was all the way back in the 10th century, who was a confidante to Constantine VII, the fourth emperor of the Macedonian Empire. In the 21st century, Chevy Chase is an American actor and comedian, who earnt three Emmys for his performances on Saturday Night Live (SNL). The name Chase is particularly common amongst players in the National Football League (NFL), including Chase Blackburn, Chase Roullier and Chase Winovich. This name first reached the Top 100 of American boys' names in the year 1995 and its peak popularity came in 2009 when Chase was ranked #61 across the country.

Movies & TV featuring Chase




The Chase - (1994)
The Chase - (1966)
The Paper Chase - (1973)
Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase - (2001)

Music featuring Chase




Cornfield Chase
The Chase

Locations featuring Chase

Chase Field
Chase Club Level

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