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The name Cherris is of American origin and is a created name. The meaning of Cherris is 'grace' or may also simply be ‘cherry’. If considered to be a variant of the name Cherie, Sheri, or Sherry, it is of Spanish origin, being derived from the Spanish town of Jerez, renamed by the Moors who settled there as ‘Sherish’. This name is a derivative of a Persian word, ‘shirin’, meaning ‘pleasant, sweet, gentle, gracious’.

Movies & TV featuring Cherris


Pam Ferris
Sherri Saum
Cherrisse Wood
Cherisse Osei

Locations featuring Cherris

Cherris Nail & Spa Bangsean
Cherris Grill Burguers
Cherrish Drive
Cherri's Donuts

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