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Claudios is a lovely name that is of Dutch origin. The meaning of Claudios is 'lame' or 'crippled'. Claudios is the variation of the Italian word Claudio. Although 'lame' is the most frequently accepted meaning, some etymologists hypothesize that the name may be related to the term for 'clause' or 'enclosure'. It is an alternative meaning that may attract a child's interest with a form of this otherwise lovely name. It is a variant of the word Claude, which comes from the Roman family name Claudius. Argentina is the country where the first name Claudios is the most popular. It is also a popular surname in Mexico, the Philippines, the USA, Guatemala, Peru, Brazil, Tanzania, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Spain, Italy, and Bolivia. Claudios Dumbak is a song by Mannequin Lung.


Claudios is most often associated with the gender: male.

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C-L-A-U-D-I-O-S , is a 8-letter male given name.

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