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The meaning of Cynzia is 'a woman from Kynthos'. Of Italian origin, the name also means 'of Cinto mountain'. Cynzia also has the meaning of 'the moon personified'. Cynzia is a given feminine name. Therefore, it is traditionally used by parents to name a baby girl. Cynzia is a variant of the name Cynthia. Famous people with this name include the Italian journalist and writer Cinzia Sasso, the Italian actresses Cinzia Monreale and Cinzia Leone, and the Italian writer and presenter Cinzia Tani.

Movies & TV featuring Cynzia


Robyn Ziakas
Lynzi Arnott
Alynzia Fenske

Music featuring Cynzia


Cynzia (Digitally Remastered HD)

Locations featuring Cynzia

Cinzia Rossi Gioielli
Cinzia Spa at North Beach Plantation

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