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The meaning of Dacy is 'clarity' or 'whiteness' and it is a lovely name that is given to both baby boys and girls. The name is of Latin and Irish origin. It is mostly believed to have originated from Latin and is used all over the world - mostly for girls. Due to its origin in both Latin and Irish, the name has more than one meaning. In Latin, it means 'clarity or whiteness' while in Irish, it means 'southerner' or 'from the South'. The name is a variant of the Irish name 'Dacey'. Over time Dacy has been used especially by Christians and it has gained great popularity in the U.S . It is believed that bearers of the name have amazing attributes such as creativity, friendliness, and competence. They are said to be also artsy, inspiring, simple, charismatic, goal-oriented, attractive, influential, and determined. Dacy is used as a surname and it is considered very easy to pronounce. Most Irish people bear the variant 'Dacey' which has the same pronunciation and meaning. Currently, there are no famous people who bear the name Dacy. Similarly, there are no movie characters who bear Dacy. There is no popular nickname used by people who bear Dacy.


Dacy is most often associated with the gender: female.

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D-A-C-Y , is a 4-letter female given name.

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