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Davon is a multicultural name traditionally used to name boys. The name Davon is widely used as a first name in the United States and other English-speaking countries. Davon is also used in the Hebrew culture and in parts of Africa. Davon is a combination of David and Devon. The meaning of David is 'beloved' in Hebrew. The meaning of Devon is 'a place in England'. In Hebrew, the meaning of Davon is 'beloved'. Davon Anthony Drew is a former American football player who played for the NFL team Baltimore Ravens. Davon Alphonso Williams is a former West Indian cricket player.

Movies & TV featuring Davon




Grüner wird's nicht, sagte der Gärtner und flog davon - (2018)
Davon stirbt man nicht - (2002)
Auf und davon - (1970)
Auf und Davon - ein Jahr danach - (2019)

Music featuring Davon



Geh davon aus
Gib mir mehr davon
Mehr davon

Locations featuring Davon

Davon Street
Davon Road
Davon's Towing & Repair
Chemin D'avonmore

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