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Delyo is one name that stands out from a list of other names. This beautiful name is generally given to boys as it is gender-specific. Delyo has a Portuguese origin and has been adopted by families for their baby boys. The meaning of Delyo is 'a determined and steady person, coming from heaven'. This sweet name gives focus to babies and brings the bearer closer to the family. It is a special name that has become one of the popular names of Portuguese origin. It is interesting to know that this beautiful name, Deylo, has a variant, 'Delio'. This variant has the same meaning as Delyo but a different spelling. If you consider your baby boy as one who is determined and self-driven in any task he undertakes, choosing a name such as this will be a perfect choice. As names have a way of affecting the bearers, identifying and giving a good name will surely help the individual involved. Over the years, the variant of this name has been in circulation and has gathered wide acceptance across different regions of the world. The name has been featured in many movies and different stars have been identified with this name. It inspires focus and determination in the one who answers it. Delyo will be a perfect name for your baby boy if you consider him one who is dedicated and committed to whatever he does.


Delyo is most often associated with the gender: male.

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D-E-L-Y-O , is a 5-letter male given name.

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